REMKO - Hydraulic configurator

Find a suitable hydraulics diagram for your heat pump from REMKO

Terms of use for the configuration tools provided by REMKO

All graphs and configuration programs are applications owned by REMKO GmbH & Co. KG ("REMKO"), insofar as they are not links to third-party web pages. They are intended to be useful support and as a decision-making aid.

The applications and schemas provide you with good points of reference, but in certain cases they are not intended to replace the assessment of your individual requirements by specialist planners. You can also consult our own qualified staff.

The use of applications, the specification of data as well as any subsequent further use of the results for own purposes are the responsibility of the user. REMKO is not liable for any configuration or program errors and any resulting abnormalities, variations or deviations. Furthermore, liability is not subject to legal discourse by REMKO for application uses and representations of third parties, including for the ownership and copyright.